I’m a guy with something to say and a story to tell, and I’ve been without a voice for far too long which frankly, has been fucking me off to no end.

My story isn’t a nice and fluffy feel good tale of triumph and success, quite the opposite in fact.  It’s a true story involving real people; some good, some bad, and at least one rabid wolf in sheep’s clothing making many people’s lives miserable for decades.  It’s a story about loneliness, greed, narcissism, hatred, sexism, lies, deceit, theft, assault, misuse of the authorities, willful ignorance, destitution, homelessness, fear, isolation, exploitation, stereotypes, feminism, sex, manipulation, apathy, solipsism, selfishness, and what can only be described as an attempt to either kill me or at the very least, have me severely injured in a life threatening way… dare I put it into two words… attempted murder.

It is a story that serves as a poignant example of what one person so malevolently motivated can achieve under the veil of secrecy afforded by inadequate social policy that shields the outside world from the truth under the auspice of what’s in the best interests of our most precious children.  It’s a story of how institutions put the avoidance of bad press above their duty of care for others, and chase the no winners – no losers golden chalice that doesn’t actually exist; there are always winners and losers.  It’s just a matter of degree.  Ultimately, it is a story about a loving father fighting for his young son’s future health and well-being, under circumstances that are as rare as the are extreme, as difficult as they are complicated.  It is a story about parental alienation, child abuse, an insidious form of domestic violence, and the seeming unwillingness of those in authority to do anything about it.

The main antagonist is one person; a person who to date, has suffered practically zero consequences for the trail of destruction, misery and fear that they’ve left in their wake over at least the last two decades.  A person who is shielded by the severe gender bias in the sphere of domestic violence.  A bias that is either tacitly or unknowingly endorsed by the judiciary, the media, the government, and society at large.  A person who is shielded by the fact that to expose them and allow justice to be served, would require a prohibitive sum of money to achieve.  A person who is shielded by what type of evidence is, or rather isn’t allowed in court as much as they are shielded by the courts lack of time and resources to know the truth.  But by far the biggest shield for this person is their demeanour…. think along the lines of a surreptitiously sociopathic Little Bo Peep with a malevolent sense of entitlement who’d rather kill their sheep than let anyone else touch the wool, and you’ll begin to understand.

For the most part, this blog is therapeutic.  I find myself on the tail end of a major 4 year battle for my own economic and social survival; and the survival of my beautiful relationship with my son, only to realise that the war is really only just beginning.

My life has been all but destroyed by the antagonist in a pernicious yet gleeful way.  I am alone.  I have no friends or family here to speak of, except for a handful of acquaintances I can’t afford to engage.  My phone never rings with a friendly voice.  I lost my house and home, my business and income, then was ceremoniously thumped below the poverty line to add a bit of humility to the insult and injury.  Life is a perpetual financial struggle.  I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t go out, I don’t date.  I see a great psychologist who helps me work through what I have to do and to deal with the past; the physical and emotional abuse, the financial abuse, the abuse of my child, and the loss of everything I worked for, during the preceding decade before the shit hit the fan.

I’m a guy with something to say and a story to tell.  To remain silent is to slowly kill myself from the inside.  I have to remain anonymous, though.  I can’t run about the internet naming shaming because the law protects my abuser, the abuser of my child and so many other people.

So, I’m the angry straight white guy because while necessarily having to lead a life of being on constant alert for more abuse and having to constantly try to mitigate the antagonists love of opportunity for false abuse allegations, I checked on the privilege I’m supposed to have.  It turns out that, not only do I not have any privilege, I’m apparently still in privilege debt to the rest of society, and in particular, to women. I and other men, loving fathers, have no voice in the domestic violence discourse because we’re constantly drowned out by women pontificating the fallacy that women are the only victims; a charge swallowed by nearly everyone, but one that is unsupported by an ever growing body of evidence.

A conversion needs to be had about the gender inequality that effects men and this blog is me putting my stake in the ground.

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